Galactic B
/ Galactic B Mk1.1
A model originally created for the virtual fasion contest. The first model "futuristic star dress" was me trying to rearrange the dress I created for my character Astra to see how it would look on somebody else. But I wasn't entirely satified with the result as i felt the hair color from model B clashed somewhat with the black and white color scheme of the dress. So i tried to make her hair like look like deep space and the result felt so much like one of those comic book superhero/cosmic entity that I decided to completely embrace the concept. Transforming fashion model B into fashion superheroine Galactic B.
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A touched up version of Galactic B, even if the fashion contest is finished, there are things I couldn't do due to time constraint and lack of experience with the studio so the model still felt incomplete. What has changed : - Added more strand of "negative" space hairs (white with black stars) to make her haircut stand a bit better. - Corrected the wings to spread properly behind the model because my bonehead self hadn't noticed the rotate/move/resize options for the hair guides. - Used Blender to rebind the wing mesh to the upper chest/shoulders rather than the head. (couldn't have done this during the contest has it was against the rules) - Made the stars of most textures slightly brighter. - Changed the texture under the shoes.


2 years ago
@wolfieas you can see in the conditions of use, as long as it's not for commercial use there is no problem. Could you tell me more about what you plan to do ?
2 years ago
Can I use it for YT?


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