Galactic B
A model originally created for the virtual fasion contest. The first model "futuristic star dress" was me trying to rearrange the dress I created for my character Astra to see how it would look on somebody else. But I wasn't entirely satified with the result as i felt the hair color from model B clashed somewhat with the black and white color scheme of the dress. So i tried to make her hair like look like deep space and the result felt so much like one of those comic book superhero/cosmic entity that I decided to completely embrace the concept. Transforming fashion model B into fashion superheroine Galactic B.

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The powered-up version of the star loving miss B dress for the virtual fashion contest, complete with makeup. Welcome to the new super heroine of the virtual space, the model who has become one with the stars, Galactic B.


2 years ago
This is awesome!


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