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Codename: Pufferfish
Powers: Breathe Underwater, Immune to Both Temperatures and Pressure, Spines, Prototoxin, Body Inflation
Pufferfish Makita
/ Codename: Pufferfish
Powers: Breathe Underwater, Immune to Both Temperatures and Pressure, Spines, Prototoxin, Body Inflation


Pufferfish is an anthropomorphic pufferfish and the son of Yeller Makita. He is known to be jumpy, childish, playful, goofy, jokester, energetic, hyper, foodie, and impulsive. As his name/codename suggests, Pufferfish has the ability to inflate his body, though the way he inflates is like a giant water balloon spreading all fat areas of his body. Even when he eats, his weight gain will spread rapidly around his body including all sides to the point that his belly will begin to spill, a growing behind spilling out of the back, hips wider, arms and legs bigger, belt and button pops, etc. This is why he stays home constantly because of his inflate ability not being controlled all the way and can be a danger to society. Why? Because not only does he want to be bullied and constantly humiliated, but also because he doesn't want to danger others due to his spines being popped out, let alone the fact that he doesn't know how to contain the prototoxin his spines yet. So his family is the only one he has as both family and friends. Pufferfish lives next door to Kai, the half dragon half human protagonist and main protagonist of the Persona Nonary Game. Kai was going out to the beach to hang out with some friends of his, but Pufferfish wanted Kai to stay a little longer because of his fear and shy personality towards outside people. Instead, Kai just had Pufferfish tag along despite knowing that he's scared and that, if jumpscared, will cause him to inflate immediately. The two went to the beach where a Japanese tower took place next to both sand and sea, and had their attention caught by Ryuji Sakamoto, who was with a some friends from the Phantom Thieves and some others from the 3 guilds. As time passed, Pufferfish's fears and anxiety immediately diminished as the others didn't mind at all about his character and that they know of a prophet of the Lord that can help tone down a bit of his ungripped power: Jurakan. Pufferfish no longer feared being judged by others after that and soon joined the Knights of the Dragon, where Kai resides at as a member.
by Zerks
by Shinma
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