Sendagaya Shino 2018年12月にVRoid Studioのプリセットモデルとして登場した女の子。高校3年生で生徒会長。キリッとした顔立ちと、しなやかに揺れるロングヘアが印象的。千駄ヶ谷 渋ちゃんのお姉さんで、妹の渋ちゃんのことが大好き。 桜田 史利矢くんは従兄弟。 Shino first appeared as a preset model in VRoid Studio in December 2018. Her key features are her beautiful smile and long, straight hair. She’s the student council president and a third-year high school student. She’s Sendagaya Shibu’s older sister, whom she loves with all her heart. Sakurada Fumiriya is her cousin.
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by touka
by 김단
by Todzy
by Vasil
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