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just a avali oc
1 year ago
With discord username rules update It's no longer 狐霖#3439 Now if you want to find me please use (fox_hulin)
2 years ago
hi I'm messaging you to ask if i can download your avali model for Vroid for private use. and if possible can i modify the colours also for private use? thx Nes-ali Copy-pasted from discord. Discord user= Nes-ali (Avali)#2004
2 years ago
By the way, my English is terrible, but I will try to type with you guys using google translate
2 years ago
If you really want to download my avali, welcome to my discord and send me a private message,狐霖#3439
2 years ago
So how does one use this as an avatar if we can't download it may i ask? i love how this looks


by Mimi
by joex
by Lynara
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