/ MelodiexMachina
shes a bad rebel but kind friend

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she is a vroid mobile made character! The future is bleak but her attitude is very bright! This is my Original Character. I hope you feel free to use this character too. you do not need to credit me either. Perhaps Vroid Studio mobile and Vroid hub?! I am very grateful for them making it easy to create her. I simply ask you to please not use her for any blood/gore/horror/violence, but it is your choice. Not mine. Sexual or R-18+ is fine with me, so long as there is No gore/violence or disturbing content within that genre. However this also is just my request of you. I am not in interest of selling this model-and I reallu do not want corporate interests invested. I am ok with her being used by anyone so long as they are not a large corporation. This I ask very strongly, but I ask, only.




by EV
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