Amejisuto Makita
/ Amejisuto Makita
Powers: Symbol Projection (ESP)

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Amejisuto Makita is a student at Hope's Peak High and the daughter of Xavier and Ruta Makita. She is known to be bright, childish, cheerful, energetic, comical, silly, and tomboyish. Amejisuto loves to dance a lot and fools around with her siblings despite their utter annoyance of her actions. Kind-hearted, playful, and mischievous, this girl really doesn't have a stop button most of the time. She also loves to dance and is an expert on different types of dances. Amejisuto was partying at Maero's home (undenounced that both are siblings) and his foster brother the host while Maero himself was forced to serve the guests and have no fun. Maero's foster mother, Lanarra Wilkes, was nowhere to be seen, and the her two kids, a boy name Foster Rose and a girl name Lila Rose, were beginning to worry at Hope's Peak Daycare because of the dream Maero told them about a murdered lioness. Madelyn Rose, Maero's foster older sister, opened the closet to get more soda cans, only to discover her mother dead hanging on a noose, with stab wounds on her chest. Everyone panicked and the police were called. Everyone began to suspect one another, but Maero told everyone to stay put and think this through until the police arrives. Everyone, despite their hatred towards Maero because of their selfish reasons, reluctantly obliged and everyone began to talk about who killed the mom. Amejisuto's claims of her whereabouts goes as follows: sitting with her friends, dancing all afternoon and night, and enjoying the party. Though the refute continued 12 minutes, not long until the police show up, Amejisuto helps Maero giving hints of the gathered evidence, and Maero began to put the pieces into set and discovered the truth. Turns out Dwight Rose, Maero's adoptive father, was revealed as the true culprit because of his absence at the party and sounds that Happi Makita, Amejisuto's little brother, have heard that sounded like stabbing in a frenzy state. Amejisuto agrees on the claims and accuses him too, along with everyone else. Exposed, Dwight lowered his head down and confessed to his crimes. His motive wasn't that of murder but of anger because of Lanarra's narcissistic behavior and the fact that she burned the documents of the adoption of Maero, which was important since at Hope's Peak Orphanage you need those papers to file it out. After the police showed up and arrested Dwight, who confessed to the police, Amejisuto asks for his real last name. She and a few others were shocked to hear that Maero's full name is Maero Makita. She tells him of their bloodline and the few cousins that are in the party, and Maero was in tears. Currently, Maero is living with his family now. Despite Amejisuto's childish behavior, she is very sweet and kind to others.


by Idk
by hiro
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