First time not doing an oc, out of boredom I tried to recreate Sue Miley from Your Turn To Die
Gambling Jester

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2 years ago
Great Model! Hope you have the time to check mine too :)
Gambling Jester
2 years ago
@Vanessa Mayday @Luna Melinoe actually, you can use the model via apps that use the vroidSDK and let you choose models from VRoid hub(that's why it says"use Yes but download not allowed") I will not make the model downloadable, so please stop asking me to, I worked on this model and I think I have the right to decide to not leave it for everyoone to download
Luna Melinoe
2 years ago
The only Sue Miley model I can find and cant even use it. Such a shame. VERY good job though, looks fantastic!
Vanessa Mayday
2 years ago
this is such a good model! its a shame you cant download it, i wish i could mess around with the model, there arent any other sue miley models


by Caine
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