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Kanki Sanada
Powers: Portal Creation (Passageway)
Kanki Sanada
/ Kanki Sanada
Powers: Portal Creation (Passageway)


Kanki Sanada is a normal student at Hope's Peak High and companion of Kureido Makita and Scarlet Thompson. He is known to be very childlike, energetic, childish, sensitive, anxious, cheerful, and touchy. Kanki has always been a hyperactive boy that constantly doesn't know when to stop, and is often ignored by others because of his behavior. Dee Makita was the only one who cared about him and is used to his childish behavior because of acknowledging his autism. Carve Guardonas on the other hand does not, who is sick and tired of babying Kanki. Unfortunately, Kanki is only like this because he doesn't understand how to fit in and tries to be himself and still doesn't understand why nobody wants him. Not to mention that he's touchy with small trivial details and would begin to throw a tantrum should it not be dealt with. He's also very blunt. Kanki kept on bugging Kureido to invite him in the group and even began to annoy him, which made Kureido a bit furious and reluctantly agrees. However, the field trip would become a survival for the 16 students, one of which was killed by Cerberus's, and Kanki flew into a panic, entering an autism meltdown in the first seen after being saved by Scarlet's partner, and eventually calmed down after 10 minutes. Luckily, Kanki was once a test subject with powers, and uses his abilities to warp his way through and creating passage ways via portals. After surviving with all 15, Kanki is now currently living with his new foster family: The Makita family, and always looks up to Kureido as if he was his big brother. He also learned self-control and have better understanding and patience.


by Joii
by MO
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