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Astra is a Chemistry Engineer. There are always some CHON molecules in her traits. Like a star, she shines blue inside of a dark city. Behind a distant appearance, she conceals a sweet personality. As a victim of human slavery, her world crumbled before her eyes. Then, after being rescued, Astra decided to counter back mostly every trace of injustice. Astra cares about her beloved ones much as she improves as a woman. She develops "Kudo Daido-Juku" skills to destroy the webs of the crime. Astra decides to rush against crime along with Selena and her friends. A fearless heart stands against men like an equal. Her powerful strength may put to sleep every fighter. Not many had resisted her long kicks.
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Astra's soul is sweet on the inside, cold on the outside. She is here to make a stand against corruption. She wears wide flared trousers with an ice printing. Also, Astra has a flared crop top of different colors. Her fashion style is a combination of the Disco and Hippie types.




by jaytat
by XD1221
by sakura
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