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School Uniform
Cherny Walpurgis
/ School Uniform


Full name: Cherny Walpurgis Age: 20 Birthday: April 30 Starsign: Taurus Gender: Male Race: Demon Height: 183 cm (with 188 horns) Weight: 82 kg Hair Color: Black Eyes: Green phosphorescent Homeland: Shadowlands (A province close to the Isle of Lamentation) Affiliation: Night Raven College Staff / Ramshackle Dorm School year: 4th year Club: Valorization of the Mountain Occupation: Student / Deputy Director / Ghost Union Leader Best Subject: Occultism Cherny is a 4th year student who is doing an internship as a director at the NRC. In the past, he was a student of Diasonmia Dorm With an explosive temper, Cherny hates losing. Due to his past with his "perfect" twin brother, Biel. Its unique magic is called "Night on the Bald Mountain", which allows you to control ghosts and steal their souls. Controlling souls only works at night until dawn. The more souls you have, the more powerful you will become, but you will easily lose control


by L
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