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Exela Quillsburg is a skilled video editor, the granddaughter of Geronimo Quillsburg, and the ex-girlfriend of Peter Gardner. She is known to be comical, entitled, talented, spoiled, and a complete jerk. Exela knows how to walk the walk, talk the talk, and perform splendidly, though she's also the one with attitude and tends to cheat a bit on Peter from time to time, which of course upsets him but does nothing of it. However, Exela went beyond a jerk to a complete cold-hearted narcissist, when she, Peter, and some friends pulled a prank gone too far, by purposely damaging a inspiration machine done by Marissa Scholders, a bullied girl, and humiliated, laughed at, and tormented the poor girl. Peter had to watch it twice and was fuming with rage seeing that he now understands his viewers negative emotions, and confronted Exela the next day. Peter told her that she's gone too far with all this and that Marissa deserves an apology from them. Exela, with the audacity, bluntly replied that she deserved it because she exists, and that Peter is as disgusting as her because he's on her side, while also being unaware that Marissa, now as Squidgirl, was hiding among the shadows of the ceiling hearing all of this. Exela was then going to tell Peter that their breaking up, only to be interrupted mid sentenced as Squidgirl caused one of the school building's supporters to fall down and crush Exela to death. To make matters worse, two of Exela's girl friends are soon to follow her as well, because they still refused to admit their mistake just like Exela did.


by Panda
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