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Ashley Stream Version
Red Loli
/ Ashley Stream Version
Red Loli


This is My 80% done Streaming model, will drop on the 10th of June
Red Loli
2 months ago
as the proportions for body can be really  out of sync and whacky so make sure everything you want to do in Koikatsu Party is done BEFORE you transfer it to VROID. I spent a while writing this so I hope i actually helped  you and that you take what I've said and try to apply it. Thank you, stay safe, and have a  great day OWO!!
Red Loli
2 months ago
It was my 1st iteration and I think I can do much better, as for VR CHAT the hair is too wavy etc, but I assume that's due to me being a newb and being fresh at this whole rigging  concept, i made the first characters rigging WITHOUT Koikatsu Party, that was a huge  mistake and I'm going to always make sure MY BASE is made in Koikatsu Party and I  transer over the unity file to Blendor then to Vroid. After you take it out of Koikatsu Party you cannot add it back in IF PORTED TO VROID,
Red Loli
2 months ago
 (Blender) (Unity) (Koikatsu Party)  (Vroid BETA) (Vroid current version) (
Red Loli
2 months ago
 Instead of Vroid for your BASE as it has amazing rigging already in the UNITY FILE  so when you load up it up you have you Waifu and you can then save on unity and swap to Blender and convert to Vroid, this way you have all the games/apps customization options  and the base rigging for VRCHAT done to a professional level So we are talking
Red Loli
2 months ago
I thought I'd add to this for anyone who actually wants to make their best character, be it for a commission a Stream or personal use, or just art we all get lost on video game character makers. If you want decent character assets you should do the following. Use Blender for your editing and UNITY, however if you care about making the AVATAR WORK like for VRCHAT streaming, or whatnot I highly suggest forking the 40 bucks for Koikatsu Party. It's character assets, shading, options for customization and the BASE RIGGING that  comes with it is great, A example I'll give if a character from the game is also a UNITY FILE  the same type of file you are going to be making, you can START with Koikatsu Party
by Joii
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