Shirogane Makita
/ Shirogane Makita
Powers: Platinum Manipulation (Shards)

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Shirogane Makita is one of the shrine keepers and is the daughter of Xavier and Ruta Makita. She is known to be kind, formal, elegant, sweet, caring, blunt, and strict. Remember when I said in a few of the descriptions that all the shrine keepers loathed and hated Yoki for not having powers? Well, out of all of them only one showed consideration for him despite her circumstances. When all the keepers expressed their hatred for them, she tried her best to reason kindly with him that he needs to step aside despite knowing that it'll still hurt him no matter how you put it. Shirogane even stood up for him after one month of no luck finding Yoki and the crumbling of the shrines continued, shouting at the keepers that it's their (including her) fault that Yoki had left, how they'll never live up to their own selfish standards, and that Yoki not having powers of his own is not an excuse to hurt him because he's still part of the family. Not only are the keepers shocked, but finally opened their eyes of what they did what wrong. Shirogane was also the only one to abandon her post and evacuate the people of Chun-Nan, where it's shrine resides at. Three years later, Shirogane is living with her family at their household to take care of her siblings and parents. She along with the other now former shrine keepers would eventually be reunited with Yoki again.




by Donkey
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