Orinia Drei
/ Pretty Pridot Cosplay
An artificial girl created to please an elder beast that powers a futuristic city. Modeled after a 20-ish year old girl in a healthy body, she is able to blend as a normal human and live among them. Gifted with a great mind she created ways to optimize the energy of the beast, not only giving herself basically a carefree live, but also money and recognizement, so she can go trough her days without a care in the world. Used part of the money to get herself a secret room to sleep and travel to many worlds to experience and learn more of the universe

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And the finale of the hentai waifus special, now with the Pretty Pridot protagonist, a hentai that while not as well known, it's made in pixel art which has to be praised. God damn it was hard to make that top, and I thought Orinia had big boobs




by tororo
by Alice
by VeVe
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