/ Tda-Coati-Bone v1.0.1
Tda式のMMDモデルと対応したVRMのボーンです。このボーンを使用してモーションキャプチャをすると、Tda式のモデルに対するモーションをきれいにキャプチャできます。 Tda-VRM-Miku等のキャラクターは営利目的の利用ができませんので、営利目的のモーションやキャラクターを作成する場合は、こちらをご使用ください。 需要があるか分かりませんが、ご自由にお使いください。

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v1.0.0 -> v1.0.1: Rootを追加
1 year ago
Now your Spheroidals Avatar (math name) servers as a scaffold to share its bones transforms with ANY Game Objects elsewhere in the scene! And at runtime, not at design/compile time.
1 year ago As you go thru the video see your avatar getting Augmented by snake like horrid creatures and then a scary beheaded head with attachments of only hands up to the wrists. Each augmentation is a different avatar (Prefab in Unity) and each has its own animations! Which could be altered at runtime. However these Augmentation Prefabs are not attached to the main avatar and nor they are the slaves to the master avatar. They are instantiated elsewhere and yet their Transform (position, rotation, scales) are matched to the Transform of the corresponding bone in the Avatar's body! Moreover there is another animation loop on top of the animation loop of the main avatar which every frame makes sure the animation of the main avatar does not take over the movements of the augmented avatars!
1 year ago
I am done! making the videos for this concept and you will see new creative, design and monetization ideas in play. I am adding attribution, as I do for all artists. I had to alter the material for the spheres, since there was no way to spot them in Unity against the landscapes. Finally, I assume this is a female wearing stilettos which is a part of her anatomy and she was two breasts. Correct? In a few hours shall place the videos and screenshots here...
1 year ago
Imported into Unity and it is working well. However it is not for commercial purpose. I will keep in touch with you here, there are some interesting applications that it could be used for. Else I won't bother you.


by youto
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