Kailie Echudia
/ Bikini Kailie
KaIlie Echudia Has a hormonal imbalance that causes her breasts to growl large and abnormal; has heterochromia as well, Kailie is also a virgin. she likes to eat ice cream, sweets, and smoothies.
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Kailie: " uh.. he- hey, I got my nails done.. f-for you all...... and I'm wearing my bikini on...... D-do I look good in it?. I sure hope I do.... j-j-just tell me. its not like ill do anything with that knowledge " 日本語 カイリー: "ああ.ねえ、私は私の爪を終えました.皆さんのためのf....そして、私は私のビキニを着ています.D-私はそれでよく見えますか?. 私は確かに私がそう願っています.j-j-ちょうど私に教えてください。それは病気がその知識で何かをするのが好きではありません"


2 years ago


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