Kailie Echudia
/ Kailie Wrestler Scarf
KaIlie Echudia Has a hormonal imbalance that causes her breasts to growl large and abnormal; has heterochromia as well, Kailie is also a virgin. she likes to eat ice cream, sweets, and smoothies.

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Kailie: " Well the people said that the cape was kinda cheating..... "it trips them sometimes when they miss me" so they informed me to have no more capes.. So I changed it to a scarf.. I think I look better in it. :> 日本語 カイリー:「まあ、人々はケープがちょっと浮気だと言いました。「彼らが私を逃すとき、それは時々彼らを旅行します」ので、彼らは私にこれ以上ケープを持っていないように知らせました。だから私はそれをスカーフに変えました。私はそれでより良く見えると思います。:>




by j3far
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