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Lauren Lake
Lauren Lake
/ Lauren Lake


Judge Lauren Lake is the head judge of her show called Paternity Court. She is known to be wise, comedic, funny, blunt, sharp, strict, sweet, patient, intelligent, and logical. Lauren shows both patience and compassion whenever there is court, but she is not afraid to lay down the powerful truth with a mighty hand of authority should she have to sail that way. No lies can ever escape her justice, and she will call out such a liar using the proper tones and reaction. What she did not expect, however, was a murder during the end of the trial, when one of the ultimate students, a female, was brutally murdered. Cat Makita, Headmaster of Hope's Peak High and Class Trial Judge, has his ultimate and special students investigate the murder. Though the rules for the normal students of their own still applies, they were still able to participate despite their reluctances. Lauren, on the other hand, was once again placed as judge for the trial, all be it differently. And as usual, only Cat knows who the killer is, and wouldn't fess up as to who for the sake of the class trial. Though the trial was a bit tough, it was thanks to Kai Makita, a special needs normal student diagnosed with highly advanced autism, managed to pin the murder against the true culprit name Guano Guardonas, and the votes thus confirms Kai's claims. Cat still spared him but reminds him that he must still suffer the consequences for 3 weeks due to shedding blood of an innocent student. Lauren would later find herself confirming the results towards Stanley as the true father of two kids but with their own mother instead of Stanley's wife (who is deceased). She also saw past Stanley's insanity and sees a true heart of a father after Stanley painfully and tearfully talked about his past that traumatized him. Lauren passed judgment for Stanley by giving him custody of the two boys, who were eagerly happy to see their real biological father. Lauren has great compassion and love for parents who are willing to share their heart out for their children, mistake or not.
5 months ago
Omg so pretty!!
by awbc
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