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Hoshiguma from the mobile gacha game Arknights. Blender is a tough nut to unravel, which is why this took over a month since my last release. Rigging of the breastplate may not be the best, so you may see some clipping because tiddy physics is an unwieldy beast. Bless Vpic for the portrait and full body shots that I wouldn't have gotten in the studio. Shield may give you clipping issues (if it isn't obvious enough), so use arms at your own discretion. If you want a version that has a spinning animation for the shield, it is available for free on booth.

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4 months ago
She reminded me of Heath from the manga "The Blind Beauty and the Lonely Beast" (by the way, I highly recommend, but I warn you that this is yuri !!
1 year ago


by Texas
by bmb
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