Harold Jaeger
/ Bender-Man
Age: 15-16 Species: Human Race: American Powers: Realitokinesis
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Harold Jaeger's superhero persona that gives him the free will of using his powers when in this form. As Bender-Man, he can manipulate, bend, and warp reality itself as well as himself. His Realitokinesis also allows him to wield numerous powers. Realitokinetic Applications- Astikoskinesis: To manipulate and bend urban areas such as streets, cities, bridges, buildings, and traffic. Flyrokinesis: To manipulate force fields. Telekinesis: To move objects and organic life with the mind. Super Speed: Moves incredibly fast as he pleases. Pyrokinesis: To manipulate and generate fire. Sonic Scream: To emit powerful vocal sounds that can easily shatter glass. Magnetokinesis: To manipulate magnetic objects. Electro-Disruption: Can disrupt electricity. Ventri-Hypnosis: Can vibrate his soft fat belly to create a hypnosis to others and command them as he pleases. He can even command all parts of the human body. Ferrokinesis: Can manipulate and generate metal with his mind. He can even transmutate objects into metal. Chlorokinesis: Can manipulate and generate plant-life. Pylikinesis: To create and manipulate portals. Technopathy: To communicate and locate others with their mind through communication technologies. Black-Hole Cancelation: Can cancel any black holes.




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