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Candelavra C. Mari
Candelavra C. Mari
/ Candelavra C. Mari


The Candelavra was the first-ever 5-Element monster in the whole franchise and is found exclusively to Dawn of Fire. It was first released in Update 1.7.0 on July 23rd, 2016, along with the Entbrat and Scaratar. It resembles a red candle with one bird foot (Air), long, apricot arms (Plant), and a floating flame for a head (Fire), with a blue water shaped "fire gem" on its forehead (Earth and Water). It also has frills on its shoulders, making it look like it is wearing a one-piece. Also, it appears to have a stub where its neck would be, which it loses as an adult. As an adult, its hands are set on fire and become white-hot, it becomes taller, is more purplish on its wrists, has more defined hips, its body becomes orange instead of red, its arms become red and blue, and looks overall more magnificent.
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