Kuroi Makita
/ Kuroi Makita
Age: 26 Species: Human/Dragon Race: Japanese/Puerto Rican Powers/Abilities: Teleportation, Gliding, Invisibility, Smog Breath, Plasticity, Elasticity, Combat

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Kuroi Makita is the older twin brother of Kai Makita and a few others, a mercenary, and the son of Xavier and Ruta Makita. He is known to be hard-headed, greedy, gassy, gluttonous, insensitive, comical-like, a jokester, and blunt. Often making higher prices to the dealer, he only has one thing in mind: cash and getting rich. However, Kuroi was never like this before. He was once a sweet, kind-hearted, loving, and caring person. Throughout his life, Kuroi has been nothing more than an outcast to society and is poorly compared to his famous and beloved younger twin Kai Makita. Even when he dresses good to impress others and does his best to fit in, he doesn't earn what he had hoped to expect and being pushed around by others for trying hard. When he gotten older and the constant bullying worsen to the point that he's being told to just drop and die, Kuroi eventually reached his peak of limitations. He immediately dropped out of school for the rest of his teenage years and did not apply for college at the age of 18. Hurt, heartbroken, damaged, and tired of trying, Kuroi's attitude began to change drastically, becoming cold-hearted, rude, disrespectful, twisted, and greedy. He also became a bit antisocial and has no care of others feelings but to himself. He also begins to fart from time to time, usually relieving himself in the bathroom but now does it in areas that are out of view let alone sound, though he does it in front of people from time to time whenever he doesn't feel like doing it private. Kuroi often shows a sense of humor that can be either offending, funny, insensitive, threatening, or just down right hilarious. Nevertheless, Kuroi changed immensely and doesn't even care if people fear him. He even admits to being a mercenary and doesn't even bother hiding it. Things began to change when he journeyed with Jake Muller Sherry Birkin, and a few other companions. One of which is a girl name Fionna Unduli, a Jedi and former Padawan, and the two had a huge bonding connection with each other to the point that it became romantic-like. Throughout the journey, Kuroi began bringing back the kind-hearted, loving, and caring personality while still holding the badass trait, and even expresses his love for other people. After surviving with his comrades, Kuroi is now currently living as a different mercenary that helps others with just a small donation not involving money. He also returned with his family again and is now currently back at the household. Though arrogant and stubborn at times, he always puts his feelings aside for the sake of someone else. He even regained his faith to God (something he once had before becoming who he is today).


by 沐貉
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