J-Ray Danielle
/ Codename: J-Ray

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J-Ray is an athlete high schooler who loves gymnastics. She is determined, brave, energetic, and loves outdoors. However, she is also very strict when it comes to gymnastics, and often puts her feelings first than wisdom. However, a certain event caused her to realize that she isn't living up like a club leader with patience and that scolding her club members constantly can cause the person to leave (evidenced by the lack of club members she has). The fact that she takes things too seriously made her regret it and decided to quit becoming a gym club leader and started doing things on her own, as she thinks that's a better and wise choice than to constantly pester at someone. God had other plans for her, and send his prophet Chi (Kai) to bring her to his guild and join, which she agreed. She can be a bit bratty at times, but she knows when to humble herself.


by Nuhu
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