Kitty Priceland
/ Kitty Priceland
Age: 17-18 Species: Cat Race: American Powers: Feline Physiology/CHI

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A senior year student and member of the Latrell Detective Agency (LDA). The real best friend of Unilla Teresa, she is widely known for her energetic, girly, and cheerful attitude as well as her determination to help out a hand to her family and friends. She's also Unilla's right hand girl for nudging both her and her long time crush Vipus to becoming couples. She joined the LDA along with Unilla and her friends that escaped Eagle Castle despite not being kidnapped herself, simply because she wants something more to fight for no matter what it is and so that she could be of some help as repayment for not being there for her friend(s) in need. Fun fact: Kitty is the younger biological sister of Lucky Makita, both being adopted in different families.


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