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Malachite Drane
Powers: Inhuman Strength, Hydrogenesis
Malachite Drane
/ Malachite Drane
Powers: Inhuman Strength, Hydrogenesis


Malachite Drane is a normal student at Hope's Peak High. He is known to be blunt, violent, aggressive, bossy, pushy, rude, disrespectful, hot-headed, and gluttonous. Everyone does their best to avoid conflict with him let alone be around with, but Wakoshi Makita, the supportive protagonist, isn't very lucky. Both share the same school and have both their lockers assigned next to each other. Malachite's constant ill-tempered behavior makes it difficult for Wakoshi to get his stuff out of his locker, as Malachite will get pissed off very easily for almost every single detail. Worse yet, he doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty just so that he can get even with them. He'll also demand for something and will pummel the person should his standards not meet up with his expectations, something that Wakoshi was forced to do. Malachite's life soon made a instant change, when his powers fully awakened after being exposed with the Terrigenetic gas that Cat released throughout the school building as of means to expose the people inside the building who has the potential. Malachite's powers aren't fully used nor awakened completely yet, but did after he saved Wakoshi. You see, three days after the Terrigenetic gas, Wakoshi just sat there waiting and even gave him a hundred dollar bill and 75 cents, and waited as Wakoshi started to tear up. Malachite noticed Wakoshi crying and scolds him to man up. Wakoshi's statement was this: "You don't understand. You refuse to understand. No matter what I do you'll just get angry at me again. I can't express myself like everyone else does, but it doesn't mean I don't have feelings either. Do as you wish with me. I don't care anymore". Malachite's anger soon fled from almost snapping to sudden realization and guilt, knowing that Wakoshi isn't wrong, and that Malachite is extremely hurting him both physically, mentally, and emotionally. He fell silent throughout the remaining class bell hour. When Wakoshi was attacked by Popper-Man, a villain who can inflate himself and explode like a giant balloon and sustain no self-injury, Malachite fought against the miraculous villain and his own superpowers now awakened and defeated Popper-Man with just a few eases. Eventually Malachite and Wakoshi have an older brother and little brother relationship and forged a bond with each other that can never be broken. Malachite also learns to think things through and is becoming slow to anger.


by Eak !
by yuri
by kiibo
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