Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted is a collection of classic and groundbreaking mini-games set in the five nights universe. Survive against your favorite assassin animatronics in a collection of classic and new challenges from FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S ™. "Where fantasy and fun come alive!" ╔━═━═━︽︾♚︾︽━═━═━╗ R•U•L•E•S please.. 1.Don't distribute my models❌ not use for purposes of 18+ [violence, sexual intercourse, etc.] (excluding models with 18+ installation)❌ 3.Don't edit my models❌ not exhibit my models under your own name,nickname❌ if you send somewhere (for display) a model, then mark me Aluria Casoru!!!! ❗IF I SEE THAT THE RULES HAVE BEEN VIOLATED, I CLOSE DL❗

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This animatronic resembles an anthropomorphic olive-colored rabbit. Springtrap has a dirty, hole-covered hull made of matte plush casing in a green hue that it has acquired over time by absorbing dust and becoming moldy, as the robot's hull was yellow before signs of aging. The suit is riddled with many ragged, shapeless holes, revealing the metal parts of the endoskeleton and the striking reddish-brown remains of William Afton's body, resembling smooth, slimy, hose-like chunks of flesh and thin scarlet fibers. Short stumps of bare wires or wrapped in colored insulation creep out of the cracks in the suit.


3 months ago
its a "vrm" file but to make it work i need a vroid file
Aleffe Hero
1 year ago
friend your models are wonderful but what's the use of you posting the model without making the download available
Foxy ff UCN
2 years ago
Mano pra que criar um modelo se não tem como usar? não tem graça nenhuma nisso perder o tempo só pra ninguem usar
3 years ago
Wow really good
3 years ago


by Jelly
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