Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted is a collection of classic and groundbreaking mini-games set in the five nights universe. Survive against your favorite assassin animatronics in a collection of classic and new challenges from FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S ™. "Where fantasy and fun come alive!" ╔━═━═━︽︾♚︾︽━═━═━╗ R•U•L•E•S please.. 1.Don't distribute my models❌ not use for purposes of 18+ [violence, sexual intercourse, etc.] (excluding models with 18+ installation)❌ 3.Don't edit my models❌ not exhibit my models under your own name,nickname❌ if you send somewhere (for display) a model, then mark me Aluria Casoru!!!! ❗IF I SEE THAT THE RULES HAVE BEEN VIOLATED, I CLOSE DL❗

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Foxy is an anthropomorphic animatronic fox of a red-red color, with a brown-orange body torn in some places. On his right hand he has a hook instead of a wrist. He also wears a patch over his right eye, but it serves for decorative purposes (pirate theme), since the eye under the patch is quite functional.


8 days ago
make Megatron from Transformers next?
10 months ago
Ur stealing models.
Heitor:D Levino
11 months ago
cool model
Kevinas Kiudys
1 year ago
Wowwww its soooo cool
Summer Hardy
2 years ago
I hate you because you won’t let me use the characters


by Chiku
by Foxy
by Cokito
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