here will be published my entries to the #virtualfashioncontest
Gambling Jester
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this outfit is now available on booth! what if biblically accurate angels were cute waifus? lmao the outfit here is a modified version of my previous outfit" hellish lust" with modifications to fit the context(glowing gems, golden eyes etc) and with new items(the medaillon, the arm jewerly,the belt and the skirt)

BOOTH items on this model


yuki mae
1 year ago
1 year ago
This right here!!! Holy moly! You make the most amazing and elaborate designs! They never fail to absolutely blow me away! <3 You liking my character Xenos means the world to me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3 Looking forward to see more of your amazing creations, have a lovely weekend!
1 year ago
Love it
Doc Doobie
2 years ago
I think they were looking for kiddie fashion not what was actually the best. I am sure when they saw your wings, they went to the devs and asked "can we do this in vroid? Answer: We are not totally sure yet...Maybe? Ha! Maybe if your wings were tiger striped with cute ribbons you might of placed better. Maybe the next contest they could do 2, one for the kiddy fashion boutique and an adult catwalk affair where you put the kids to bed and the folks with seasoned talent take the stage. Just saying.
2 years ago
ever so often i come back to this model page, because i just love the design so much. sometimes i just want to see it again ☆


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by Yami
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