Miku Hatsune
/ [FREE] Miku Hatsune (V2 Design)
レイラ / Reira

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Miku Hatsune model for free use. V1 design, version 1 VRoid model. Character credits go to SEGA and Crypton Future Media. Credit needed. Feel free to use anywhere.

BOOTH items on this model

レイラ / Reira
2 years ago
AAA Thank you! Your comment made my day!!
2 years ago
worked WONDERFULLY in Vseeface! i had no problems WHATSOEVER with this model, 10/10!
レイラ / Reira
2 years ago
Yes! I have the custom item files for the hair if you would like!! https://reirasells.booth.pm/
Nutre Fans Miku
2 years ago
Do you have vroid model hair that free?


by Bendy
by 優羽
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