Miku Hatsune
/ [Free] 初音ミク / Hatsune Miku V4X
レイラ / Reira

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BEFORE DOWNLOADING, IF YOU ARE A COMPANY, BUSINESS, OR CORPORATION, YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO USE THIS MODEL WITHOUT EXPLICIT AUTHORIZATION FROM ME. Contact: reira8116@gmail.com Happy (late) Miku day! I worked super hard making a new Miku model. I'm kind of coming full circle... I started making models with Miku, so I wanted to make her again 2 years later! I hope you like her! I worked super hard on the face textures, and the hair was hell! (Hair by me, not distributing) CONDITIONS: - Alterations ok - Use for VTubing ok - No commercial use - No sexual use - No R18 use - No redistribution under any circumstance - No corporate use Notice to Corporations, Businesses and Companies: You can ONLY use this model if you reach out to me first. If you do not, and/or if you break any of my rules, I have grounds to sue you and demand financial compensation. I will not tolerate abuse of my kindness. I make these models out of a passion, and distribute them to share it, and exploiting this will not be taken lightly. I will retaliate via court. (This note is just because of a company stealing my work before, LMAO)
レイラ / Reira
2 months ago
TYSM !! ur comment made my day
2 months ago


by Azia
by 限界
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