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Stephanus Rex
Age: 18 Species: Centipede Race: Italian/Caucasian Powers: Superhuman Strength, Gliding, Wall Climbing, Centipede Mimicry/Physiology
Stephanus Rex
/ Stephanus Rex
Age: 18 Species: Centipede Race: Italian/Caucasian Powers: Superhuman Strength, Gliding, Wall Climbing, Centipede Mimicry/Physiology


Stephanus Rex is a junior at Hope's Peak High and the Pactbearer of Humility. He is known to be carefree, slouchy, book dumb, tough, sloppy, aggressive, arrogant, and kind-hearted. Stephanus, simply known as Rex, has marked himself as the most hated and hateful person at school prior to his violent and stubborn behavior and bossy actions. He picks on the weak because it's easier for him to get what he wants and to boss them around and use of entertainment, even pummeling them to the ground almost endlessly before taking his leave. Rex was never like this, however. In truth, he was once an angry yet kind-hearted and compassionate guy that has love for his friends. But after getting backstabbed by the group he cherished all these years and not seeing them get retribution, he became prideful in his ways to prove that he needs no one in his life and bullies the weak because he can. As for the strong, he loves a good challenge in a one-on-one match. You can guess as to how many wins he got and how many losses he receives just by acknowledging his Superhuman Strength and Centipede Mimicry/Physiology. His most favorite and often most chosen target is Railo Cobroch, a boy with Asperger Syndrome but never diagnosed due to neglect and known to be a target for bullying. Worse part is, he bullies him every single day and with no one there to stop him. That would soon change when he witnesses Railo smashing his abusive, snob-like, and neglectful mother repeatedly with a giant sledgehammer and entering an autism meltdown after he was dragged away from her, balling as he wailed loudly. 2 weeks later after the incident, Rex became more angry and aggressive and refused to accept Railo, still bullying him constantly. But every time someone stands for him, Rex becomes more angry and now bloodthirsty not caring for the consequences. It wasn't until Scissorman's Subordinates began popping up and murdering countless victims at their disposal, where Railo would have to survive the attacks of his murderous stalkers and free the ghosts of the restless. Rex would also be attacked by the Scissor Twinness Renda and Fuumi Yakisha, with Renda being known as Scissorgirl and Fuumi as Scissorwoman. He was forced to survive and escape from inside the closed supermarket after breaking in and witnessing the bodies of the employees working there. After escaping, Rex began to show a more softer and calmer side of him the next day and even dragged along Railo with him as quickly as he can, embarrassed for others to see him flustering. Eventually, Rex and Railo forged a brotherly bond with each other that can never be broken and Rex even apologized for the damage he's caused him throughout his life. Since then, Rex became a helpful and ongoing companion and supportive friend for Railo, returning to the once kind-hearted, angry yet loving and compassionate person. Fun Fact: Rex would get extremely angry and snappy should someone unfortunate call him a different type of insect that isn't a centipede, let alone any type of different species. He would strike that person to the ground and leaving them like a distorted ragdoll human pretzel.


by CG
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