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Boroboro Korita
Age: 12 Species: Human Race: Japanese/American Powers: Emotion Discord Hearing (via through others expressions and voice) Weaknesses: Unbearable Beeping Noise (caused by constant people's strong emotions)
Boroboro Korita
/ Boroboro Korita
Age: 12 Species: Human Race: Japanese/American Powers: Emotion Discord Hearing (via through others expressions and voice) Weaknesses: Unbearable Beeping Noise (caused by constant people's strong emotions)


Boroboro Korita is a special needs student at Hope's Peak High who is diagnosed with Toddler Tantrum Disorder and is one of the youngest sons of Korino Korita. He is known to be excessively whiney, fussy, selfish, stubborn, arrogant, ignorant, and demanding. Boroboro has numerous episodes of throwing a huge fit whenever things don't go his way to the point of tears and screaming at the top of his lungs to an extending amount. He'll also clench his fists tightly as he screams and flailing around non-stop. Boroboro also hates anyone who gets even the slightest attention and not him frequently even if there's one or more people caring for him and giving attention. Boroboro is nonverbal, meaning he can't form sentences, so it's only natural that sound is his way of communication. However, only screaming is his choice, expressing anger that can last for hours upon hours. Boroboro doesn't know any better and has no control over his desires and feelings of wants and needs. This may sound less of a tantrum and more of a meltdown, but in the case of Toddler Tantrum Disorder (shortened as TTD), it's a regular tantrum. A TTD meltdown is more like the pain of realization that they refuse to accept and their concept of their little fantasy world shattering before their very eyes. A perfect example of this is when Boroboro happily gave Cat his Mac n Cheese, basically saying to make it for him, while laughing after he stole a zebra toy that didn't belong to him from another special needs student name Sunday Makita, then proceeding to play with it himself as Sunday's face fell into utter pain of shock and tears forming from his eyes. Cat, who is known to be a huge prick to everyone, mostly to the ones with an experimental disorder, grinningly smacked the little cylinder box right back to Boroboro, hitting his head. Boroboro placed the mac n cheese again and made angry sounds as of demanding. Seeing Cat not doing what he wants him to do, he screams angrily, throwing a hissy fit, and began flailing around. When Cat got up and picked up the mac n cheese, Boroboro stopped and giggles again, smiling that he's getting his mac n cheese, only to watch it burn in front of his eyes as Cat unleashes his Pyrogenesis on the food. Boroboro fell silent with a smile turning into a frown of shock and horror, then began forming a face of utter fear and horror as Cat close to his ear with an evil menacing grin and stated: "Not everything is about you. Nothing is EVER about you. People see you special because of your needs and disorder. But I, do not. You're just like the rest of any normal people to me. You don't have a future, you never had a future, nor will you ever achieve a future. Why? Because you only exist, because of the people who care about you. That, is your constant future". Upon saying those words, he snatches away the zebra toy with ease and returned it back to Sunday. Then he grabbed Boroboro and placed him back into his nursery dorm room and left him there for the rest of the day. Boroboro then received surgery to place a mechanism on his stomach, now only being given nutrients via feeding tube. And that would be his meal for the rest of his life. That same day, just as Cat left him in the room, Boroboro entered a meltdown that lasted the entire day as he just witnessed his world shatter and crumble, thus giving him trauma whenever he sees another student being treated with mockery as Cat did to him. Eventually, Boroboro begins to change drastically and is feeling more happier. But the meltdown did cause some damage to his brain, making him unaware of his surroundings, eyes going to the opposite direction, and making sounds that are quiet-like. He also lost the ability to express anger and now only expresses happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety, and love. Despite his lack of understanding, his powers, which matured fully after the meltdown, gives him the ability to feel and read other people's emotions and listen to the discord of the heart whenever a person expresses emotion or by voice. However, it does hurt his ears to hear a lot of it and became unbearable for him, making him cry of despair and screaming. Thus, Cat gave him headphones and taught him how to use the device's mechanical properties. Boroboro also became more obedient and patient, both due to his personality and lack of acknowledging surroundings. Boroboro is currently living with his family (biological).


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