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Eko Kazura
Powers: Magnetism
Eko Kazura
/ Eko Kazura
Powers: Magnetism


Eko Kazura is a student at Shujin High and is a homeless child. He is known to be antisocial, quiet, picky, arrogant, a loner, and gloomy. Eko is usually the center of being gossiped, target for bullying, and can be a bit of a laughing stock for others. Eko suffers from depression after being abandoned by his own abusive parents in a shack located in the woods when he was 5 and having to thrive off the same place, and rarely eats, only eating small foods instead of real food. He also refuses to eat in a local restaurant, school cafeteria, or any place in general. He even goes out in the rain, cold air, and snow without a coat or jacket. Eventually, his health problems soon get the better of him, when he suddenly collapsed on the floor in the men's restroom at school due to lack of nutrients, and even coughing up blood. He was eventually taken to the hospital and given a diagnosis, confirming that his body is completely off-shape, even surprising doctors as to how Eko is still functioning in everyday life in such a state. Eko was of course questioned, but he remained silent, not wanting anyone's help what with all the constant bullying, childhood abuse, and complete neglection that he went through and not wanting to trust anyone. It is also confirmed that Eko is on the autism spectrum, diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when he was being examined for any disabilities. Eko wouldn't open up for anybody until Chi (Kai) Makita appeared, who is also diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and stayed with Eko in the hospital room and telling him myths and legends, which surprised Eko and got him curious because for the first time, he isn't given questions that revolved around himself. He eventually opened up to Chi more than he did with the police and other workers, and soon grew a bond with him that can never be broken. Currently, Eko is taken custody by Xavier Makita, Codename: Mute and the father of Chi and numerous other offspring's, and is living happily with his family. Though he can get stressed easily, he has opened up a lot more than before and is getting the handle of things. He's also getting a lot more respect from others, either from the incident that occurred or his loved ones making sure that he's treated properly.
by Fango
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