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GOJO SATORU STUDENT VERSION (2ND SEASON) Not allowed❌ -Resell the model with or without editing. -Distribute this model. -Commercial Use -It's not allowed to use to harm or insult any belief, religion, country, people etc. -It's not allowed to use to talk about politics or controversial topics Allowed✅ -Animation/VRchat/Vtuber/Entertainment -Personal use only -Only those who pay for this item are allowed to use it. ⚠️The use of this model is the responsibility of who pays for it and the way in which it is used. I disclaim any problem with third parties that the use of this model will cause. - The design and rights of this character do not belong to me, I only made the vroid version for vrchat for fun and entertainment purposes.

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7 months ago
@Pawaaaa you can dowload gojo model here: https://eli-channel.booth.pm/items/5078143
9 months ago
can i borrow this plsss your creations so cool


by Ashley
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