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** SOON THIS MODEL WILL RECEIVE A TEXTURE UPDATE!! ** ♡♡♡ Let's get some ice cream! ♡♡♡ ♥You can use this models for commercial use (stream with donations, monetization of videos, video games, sale of products, etc.) as long as it is not used for sexual and/or violent things. ♥It's in vrm format. ♥You must give me credit for the use of the model, attaching my instagram or twitter (it is on my profile). ♥If you are going to distribute it, let it be with this link and giving me credit. Feel free to contact me for any questions you have regarding the use of "Galaxy Summer", I will be happy to solve your doubts and be able to help you n.n

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by VeVe
by Robin
by Doa
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Format: VRM 0.0
Conditions of use: Avatar use: YES/Violence: NO/Sexual acts: NO/Corporate use: YES/Individual commercial use: YES - For-profit use (donations): YES/Alterations: NO/Redistribution: YES/Attribution: Necessary
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