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Natasha Ukara
Powers: Photokinesis
Natasha Ukara
/ Natasha Ukara
Powers: Photokinesis


Natasha Ukara is a West African transfer (college) student at Hope's Peak High and the girlfriend of Dajieon Rokata. She is known to be wise, blunt, sentient, calculative, and on the move. Natasha has a lot going on in her mind, and has worked with Neo-Umbrella as an agent. Before this however, she was in her home-continent Africa, where she would be dragged into a situation along with some companions and BSAA captain Chris Redfield, Sheva Alomar, etc. After surviving with her companions, she joins Neo-Umbrella to stop bio-terrorist attacks and retrieve a blood sample from a college student name Dajieon Rokata, the boy who goes to the same school as her. Something worth mentioning, Natasha has powers of her own after escaping Umbrella, so it wouldn't also be out of the ordinary for her to bump into a guy that was subjugated in the same facility. Throughout their journey along with Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller, they fight their way through and eventually grow bonds with each other that can never be broken. After surviving, Dajieon tried to confess to Natasha about his feelings for her though has a hard time spilling it out, only for Natasha to kiss him mouth to mouth, thus confessing their feelings for each other. Currently, Natasha and Dajieon are still dating happily and Natasha dropped out of Neo-Umbrella to work alongside Chris Redfield and with Umbrella, helping them clean up their mess while also focusing on her schoolwork.


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