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i try to model my first oc dereku by using vroid very happy to make it but idk how to make a tail for himD; anyway hope u guys like him>;D
1 year ago
I love your character design! It is a shame that you weren't able to add a tail. I'm knew at this whole Build-a-Vroid thing so I can understand the whole "how do you do this?" issue. I suggest going to Booth.PM and look up *Animal Tails Pack*, sadly its not free but not too expensive. The standard pack is 500 Yen (roughly $4.10 in US money) and the Extended Pack is 1,000 Yen (roughly $8.19 in US money roughly). If you're unable to spend money like that, for whatever reason, I totally understand. (Like, me neither dude 〒v〒 lol) And I would suggest making your own with the help of this YouTube Video. I found it helpful, hopefully you will too. *How I make tails in Vroid studio* - YouTube So from (this very new, fresh out of the womb complete noob) of a creator to creator. Good luck and I wish you and your glorious Vroid of a Cat Man well.


by Gloria
by Khan
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