A girl works at a toy shop with her parents. She however was killed by a mad scientist right before they close the toy shop. He recreated a cute little girl into a sinister doll, The Dollmaker. The Dollmaker was ordered to drop heroes' guards by scaring them. She also has the ability to turn them into defenseless dolls if they look at her in the eyes. A hero of Hyrule helps her with a plan. He wants her to leave the castle quietly, but the Tamashii Army called some anthropomorphic cattles to guard every room in the castle without sleeping 24/7, so she has a new plan. The heroes will attack the Tamashii Castle with the FBI until all criminals and cattles are defeated or retreated. The Dollmaker has the opportunity to escape the lab, leave the castle and become a hero.

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by E
by Azu
by Joii
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