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Oval Reils is a normal student at Hope's Peak High and found member of the Ultimate Ghostbusters. He is known to be rude, childish, disrespectful, socially awkward, and a jerk. He constantly bullies his younger brother Donnie, and makes fun of his younger sister Abigal. He even went so far as to say that Donnie doesn't deserve to be happy, which really sting considering that Donnie's birthday was next week. The treatment Donnie gets eventually makes him become Killer Lagomorph, and has killed parents that were kind to their children so that they can feel his pain. After Donnie was defeated by Chi (taking on his new form Lagos) and arrested and sentenced to life in prison, Oval began to realizes the way he greatly mistreated his brother, and is not only mourning but shocked that his father was the convicted serial killer known as Killer Clown when he suddenly snapped. Oval and Abigal now lives with their biological mother, and the three including Timmy Poppers and his father visits Donnie in his prison cell to celebrate the birthday he never got. Oval and Abigal, along with some friends, would eventually forge a group with each other called the Ultimate Ghostbusters, where they trap ghosts for the sake of mankind.




by Spirax
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