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It's finally time - my first adoptable is for sale! What a journey! I had quite fun and experimented a bit with this one, and while I may still be a newbie, I hope this will be the first of many ones <3 What will you get by supporting and buying it? ◆ Full avatar, ready for streaming. Including all textures, vroid file and vrm file. ◆ Commercial rights and ability to change design according to your wishes! ◆ You'll be able to rename it and assign the personality and lore you want for her. Just promise me you'll treasure her! ◆ Ability to resell the avatar (but be mindful that you won't be able to sell it for more than the price you paid me, unless of course you have artworks, icons and such - and in that case, please be sure to credit me as the original designer!) What I'm asking for? ◆ To be called your mama so I can love and support you! You'll find my contacts and socials inside the file you'll buy <3 NB: THERE'S JUST ONE FOR SALE. So first come, first serve! Price is 20 euros, including commercial rights, as already said. Thank you everyone, and happy vtubing!

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