Ginger Green
/ Neoket ver.
An AI created to simulate the experience of being a college student that started to grow lonely until she learned about the existence of VTubers, other virtual beings like herself that made their own community. Seeing the opportunity to make new friends, she decided to become a VTuber herself! Check the model description to see all the wonderful people that made the wonderful assets for this model!
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An outfit that I used to enjoy Neoket with earlier in the year. Credits: 綿雪ひぃ for the top りえ/RielyMart for the leggings 著作権者: りえ/@rie20030713 ほのる/ほのるのぶいろショップ for the skin/face 昴/Lion dans l'atelier for the lips ねみねみ/Ultra NemiNemi Shop for the skirt/shoes Astrialogical/astrialogical3d for the hair 亜夢/亜夢のお部屋/@amuamu842 for the hair murasakimoon for the eyes (C)crew corporation/REWCO=ルーコ【公式】/仕立て屋REWCO/クルー for the eyelashes ジジとレモン/gigiandlemon for the eyeshadow Please go check out their shops and social medias, they do great work! Also, if any of the owners of these assets would like this taken down, please message me and I will. Thanks for viewing!


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