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Name: Kaito Momota
Powers: Blood Physiology/Mimicry
Kaito Momota
/ Name: Kaito Momota
Powers: Blood Physiology/Mimicry


Kaito Momota is a 1st semester student at Hope's Peak High and is known as the Ultimate Astronaut. He is known to be vulgar, arrogant, a bit childish, stubborn, determined, dim-witted, courageous, comical, prideful, and down right idiotic. When Cat finally allowed him to enter space via space rocket, Kaito's dreams of going to space have finally came true, but not without a cost. Cat was aware of Kaito's laziness, stubbornness, and arrogant behavior as well as harassing the Wakoshi Makita, the Ultimate Scarecrow, multiple times because he wasn't fully considering Wakoshi's autism and not letting him open up more due to Kaito being pushy. So Cat made a malfunction on the rocket on purpose and, as Kaito took off, was suddenly hit by a nuclear asteroid and causing Kaito's body to become infected by the radiation. Though not radioactive, luckily, it did leave him with an unnatural ability of elastic blood mimicry, allowing Kaito to manipulate his own blood by extending his arms. He can also become a giant mass of pink blob made up of blood (Kaito's). Unfortunately, he becomes a gelatinous blob whenever he suddenly becomes unstable or when his emotions are in effect. Kaito joined Chi (Kai)'s team of extremely gifted misfits and hangs out with Rita Farr (Elasti-Woman) as of means to learn how to harness his power. Kaito also began changing his perspective and started taking knowledge of Wakoshi's autism. Now, both Kaito and Wakoshi forged a strong bond that could never be broken thanks to Kaito's changed ways. Ultimate: Astronaut


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