Maxxi Steel
/ Maxxi Steel
Age: 17-18 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American Powers: Supernatural Instincts Skills: Parental/Sister-figure/Babysitting/Paranormal Survival

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A senior year student at Hope's Peak High, daughter of Brunx Steel and Faith Andrews, and girlfriend of Miguel Sanchez. A highly intelligent, cheerful, courageous, and brave girl with the hobby as a Pianist, currently working on the Moonlight Sonata, that way she can play it fluently when she gets the chance to see her father. She's also a babysitter for Taw Jr. Makita, Tau's baby boy, and makes sure he's well checked and given the attention he needs when he becomes scared or in need of something, playing as secondary mother for Taw Jr. and bringing Anaya some relief. She's also very comical-like, acting silly or becoming extremely annoyed and/or frustrated of the toughest things. Maxxi is very supportive for her family and plays as both sister/mother figure for them while their parents are at work. Her relationship with Miguel only started as dating, but quickly turns into a tight, romantic relationship thanks to their situation.


by Banana
by MO
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