Leopard Magician
/ Leopard Magician v1.0

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This is my first attempt on a leopard Mage. Made in VRoid Studio. I gave him standard clothes. Just cut out the chest, so you could see the leopard spots on his body as well. This character is meant to be played in Craftopia, but Craftopia cannot display black colors very well. Black looks just like an abyss and doesn't show much detail. I have a second version of the Magician with brown clothes. You might want to try that version. I also recommend playing around with VRoid Hub Settings in Craftopia, respectively saturation and luminance until you are satisfied with the looks. If you alter and re-upload my guy you don't need to give credits (of course, would be nice, but not necessary), but I'm really curious about what you will make of him, so drop me a message, please, so I can see how he develops. =)


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