Ruby Makita
/ Ruby Makita
Powers: Ruby Mimicry, Ruby Constructs, Infectious Bio-Organic Immunity

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Ruby Makita is the daughter of Xavier and Ruta Makita and an expert mercenary. She is known to be manipulative, caring, charismatic, cunning, kind, and thoughtful. Ruby excels perfectly at her job, always being one step ahead of somebody and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty while looking good. She also has 3 powers: Ruby Mimicry, Ruby Constructs, and Bio-Organic Immunity, meaning any bio-weapon capable of infecting others through their own genetic abilities will have no effect on her. Despite doing her job, she's known to have a sense of humor and composure despite the dangers, and even does wise decisions such as the product she's selling by keeping it away from shady companies. But the one she's most associated with liking is Lucas Baker, who she constantly outwits him with ease thanks to her abilities. Though they started off as enemies, Ruby takes a liking to Lucas because of his childish and insane behavior and injected him with a bio-organic chip, that way Lucas can't do anything stupid and is forced to partner up with Ruby. Eventually, the two would have a friendship bond that extends to sibling bonding despite Lucas' past and present disoriented, twisted, and mentally unstable behavior. As their journey came to an end with Chris Redfield cornering them, Lucas gave Ruby the sample just in time before Redfield could even manage to stop them and raised his hands up, implying that he's turning himself in. Lucas was arrested countless crimes including the death of a boy name Oliver. Meanwhile, Ruby gave the coordinates to where the mold is at and information about how the mold came to be. As for the samples, she was at Hawaii with the suitcase on top of Mt. Kilauea and disposed them into the lava and leaving before the volcano erupts, jokingly stating that she isn't sorry for throwing it inside Pele (Polynesian Kupua of Volcanoes) neither is she sorry for doing it. This also hints that the only god she believes is the God of Israel, Yahweh, despite her job and knowing that being a mercenary is wrong. Ruby is currently still a mercenary, but does her best to move on and make sure that no bio-weapons gets sold into shady and greedy people/organizations. She also spends some time with her family as well while keeping her identity as a mercenary a secret. Ruby also visits Lucas back in the asylum from time to time and offering him some takeout like she did before escaping the property with Lucas. Another thing to know about Ruby (sorry I forgot to add this) is that she has a comical sense of humor as well, often saying random things and is actually a female body inspector and doing over-the-top random things that can either be hilarious or down right dangerous and yet still funny.




by Donkey
by Anson
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