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/ Piomona


Piomona is TMU's little nephew. She's also known as "The Japanese Eleanor". She never do anything wrong for herself. She is just a happy cute little girl who had her dreams of becoming the cute star. She always loves to play with people. She also loves when somebody tickles her beautiful cute little toes, armpits, belly (referring to her tummy), and her body parts. Despite being cute though, she also loves to fight crimes with TMD, Leon & Papa Leon, Harrison Hoover, Count Dicksatder the Vampire, Jacques Joketastic, Eleanor & Chaowy, Toaster, Emila, Ann, Jack, Rosie, Crazy Crunky, Worry Wrunky, Holly the Blue Penguin, Portia Porcupine, TMU, Rigby, Sarah the Yellow Cube, along with Polly, and the rest of the CT3DPLN&E Gang against Dr. WaterBottleMan and his worst enemies as their doing their best by working as a teamwork. And she's also TMD's world most fantastic friend. She loves to called TMD "Uncle Ty Me", "Uncle Ty", or "Uncle Ty Me Down". And she also loves to chase after Ann. She's one of the world's most iconic character in the World of Foundation!
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