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Yandere Chan from Yandere simulator :( Pls don't cancel me because of this. Yes I know that what Yandere Dev did is absolutely heccing terrible. If I were to create a design for Yan-Chan, I would give her a more innocent, younger looking face with round and slightly larger eyes. The model used in the game kinda makes it obvious that Yan-Chan is going to be capable of killing, considering that she has black hair and eyes which makes her look.. evil?(well, Yandere Dev edited the model he stole :))I mean, yanderes are meant to look innocent, cute and not obvious that they can kill. So I decided that I would make Yan-Chan's hair and eyes a bit more brown-ish to give a more lively/natural look(I'm not saying black hair isn't natural because I have black hair too. This is only for Yan-Chan's design). I've also imagined yan-Chan to be more tall so there you go. I am terribly sorry for this essay of a description and upload. ;-; also, I don't mean to be one of those "Fixing your characters" people but Yandere Dev does deserve it because he is a horrible person :/ honestly I don't mind if this gets stolen because why would anyone steal it? this probably isn't any better and Yan Dev does not take criticism too well(but he would steal).
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