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This is my second character that I designed, with this character you can use it on any platform you want, you can even earn money, but if you don't sell the character, you can't pretend you made the character yourself, there are no rules here, you can use it freely, unless you sell the character.
1 year ago
no entendi ni una sola cosa
2 years ago
HI Mochibii. Try this, i found it on youtube, convert vrm file to vroid file, hope it helps in youtube video i found. Youtube Video Link:
2 years ago
Hi Mochibii I don't know what I say to you, I have no idea if the vroid file has a way to get it, of course there is a way, but I don't know how to explain you, unfortunately you can't modification the character without a vroid file.
2 years ago
I would also like to make a few modifications and use her.. is there a way to get a .vroid file? I'm not sure how else to modify her.
suteru san
2 years ago
can i download it to use? and maybe make some modifications?


by UwU
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