Li'Eillia Makita
/ Li'Eillia Makita
Age: 21-22 Species: Lion/Mutant Race: American/Japanese/Yoruba/Greek Powers: Lion Physiology/CHI/Fire CHI/Superhuman Strength Skills: Lawyer/Agent

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Daughter of Bigbear Makita and cousin of Latrell. A defense attorney who is known for her bossy attitude, superhuman strength, and selfless devotion to the people she loves. She's also somewhat pushy and impatient, being rash and thinking irrationally. Her first survival was during the start of the outbreak happening in New Raccoon City, where she is both bossy yet encouraging and kind. The second is where she tries but fails to save her fiancée and helped the SCA breach into heavy security in order to save the man she loves, even bringing along Latrell and some survivors along with her with no explanation and being left in the dark for clues until her fiancée's death. She is currently Garzon's lawyer.




by Zerks
by nico
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